End-to-end testing Identity Management (SCIM) with ForgeRock

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System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) is a system designed to make managing a single user identify across multiple cloud-based devices easier. SCIM is an essential element of managing multiple applications in a secure way, and is often a hard requirement in large enterprise software contracts.

SCIM with ForgeRock can be a pain to test end-to-end for a variety of reasons:

  • Testing SCIM end-to-end with ForgeRock introduces a dependency on both ForgeRock's authentication experience, as well as the UI for provisioning or de-provisioning users using ForgeRock. If the service updates the authentication or provisioning UI, you may need to update your tests.
  • Testing ForgeRock SCIM involves managing multiple users and multiple sets of credentials (one for the ForgeRock admin and one for the test user), which can be a pain to maintain.
  • Testing SCIM end-to-end has many edge-cases to consider. You need to verify that granting access to a third-party app provisions that user, but also that removing access to the third-party app de-provisions that same user.

What's the easiest way to test SCIM with ForgeRock?

walrus.ai enables engineers to test SCIM using ForgeRock without any of the pain:

  • When ForgeRock's UI changes, walrus.ai handles any updates needed on their end, so you never need to refactor your tests based on any third-party dependency outside of your control.
  • Writing the full end-to-end test takes minutes, because it's just written in plain English.
  • walrus.ai can handle multiple user identities out-of-the-box. Simply add the credentials as variables, and walrus.ai can call those credentials.
  • walrus.ai can handle multiple sets of cookies, so you never have to worry about storing different sets of cookies for different users in your test case.
  • walrus.ai can handle any test setup or teardown within the test itself, simply add those steps to the test instructions.
A one-size-fits-most end-to-end test for ForgeRock using walrus.ai
2name: 'ForgeRock SCIM'
3url: 'https://your-site.com'
5 SCIM_provider_URL: 'https://your-site.ForgeRock.com/app/UserHome'
6 SCIM_provider_admin_email: 'ForgeRock_email@your-site.com'
7 SCIM_provider_password: 'ForgeRock_password'
8 your_app_user_email: 'your_app_email@your-site.com'
10 - 'Login to :SCIM_provider_URL: with :SCIM_provider_admin_email: and :SCIM_provider_password:'
11 - 'In ForgeRock, verify provisioning to App is enabled'
12 - 'In ForgeRock, add :your_app_user_email: user to the your_app application'
13 - 'Login to your_app with :SCIM_provider_admin_email: and :SCIM_provider_password:'
14 - 'In your_app, verify :your_app_user_email: is added to the organization'
15 - 'In ForgeRock, change the name of :your_app_user_email:'
16 - 'In your_app, verify the name of :your_app_user_email: is updated'
17 - 'In ForgeRock, remove :your_app_user_email: user from the your_app application'
18 - 'In your_app, verify :your_app_user_email: is removed from the organization'

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