End-to-end testing maps with CARTO

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Companies providing flexible maps APIs like CARTO have given rise to a new wave of technology companies (like Uber, etc.), in which the map is a core part of the service. While maps are a highly intuitive interface for the end-user, they're a pain to test end-to-end for developers.

  • Many technologies like Selenium can't actually detect what is on the map canvas, so developers are forced to build lots of technology in-house (like image recognition) in order to automate their end-to-end tests.
  • Maps are highly dynamic, so coordinate-based testing or image recognition can be incredibly brittle, leading to a high rate of false test failures.

What's the easiest way to test a map with CARTO?

walrus.ai enables developers to test maps without any of the pain of using brittle browser testing tools like Selenium or Cypress.

  • Writing the full end-to-end test takes minutes, because it's just written in plain English.
  • walrus.ai can interact with elements on the map, without you having to build any technology in-house.
  • walrus.ai doesn't flake when visual changes happen on the site, as long as the user story can be accomplished. That way, you don't have to worry about updating your tests if the UI of the map changes.

A couple one-size-fits-most end-to-end test for interacting with a CARTO map using walrus.ai (using the CLI):

Drawing a Polygon on the Map
2name: 'Draw Map Polygon'
3url: 'https://your-site.com'
5 - 'Login'
6 - 'Search for "San Francisco"'
7 - 'Select the Polygon Tool'
8 - 'Draw a Polygon on the map'
9 - 'Verify results from inside the Polygon load in a modal'
Searching for Something on the Map
2name: 'Search on Map'
3url: 'https://your-site.com'
5 - 'Login'
6 - 'Search for "Restaurant"'
7 - 'Select a Restaurant icon'
8 - 'Verify details load about the Restaurant in a sidebar modal'

What does the result look like?

GIF of walrus.ai maps test result

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