End-to-end testing CSV file download

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Downloading a CSV file is a common use-case in many consumer and workplace applications, but can be tricky to test for a variety of reasons.

  • Downloading files is unpredictable. You have to consider that different files have different sizes, different machines have different download speeds, etc. This unpredictability means any test you write for a CSV download tends to be flaky.
  • Testing an download means storing and maintaining the CSV file you'll use to download, which can be a pain.

What's the easiest way to test downloading a CSV file?

walrus.ai removes all of the headaches of writing a test to verify that your CSV download experience is working as you would expect.

  • Writing the full end-to-end test takes minutes, because you can simply write it in plain English.
  • walrus.ai removes all of the unpredictability associated with file sizes, download times, etc. You simply specify the file type in the instructions, and they handle the rest.
  • You can be as specific or broad as you'd like. If you want to provide a specific file via a link in the test, you can do so. If you simply specify the file type, walrus.ai will handle creating and populating the file.
A one-size-fits-most end-to-end test for CSV file download using walrus.ai
2name: 'Download a CSV file'
3url: 'https://your-site.com'
5 - 'Login'
6 - 'Select the CSV file to download'
7 - 'Download the CSV file'
8 - 'Verify the download is successful'
9 - 'Verify the download can be opened'

What does the result look like?

GIF of walrus.ai maps test result

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