End-to-end testing email with Outlook

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In many business-to-business (b2b) applications, user experiences that rely on sending or receiving emails are very common. Specific examples include inviting a new user to a team, or triggering a workflow that involves sending an email like sending an RFP or invoice.

While email is a staple of many workplace products, it's notoriously hard to test in an automated way:

  • Testing emails with Outlook requires taking steps in multiple browser windows, or sometimes cross-device.
  • If using tools like Selenium or Cypress, testing with Outlook might require using complicated APIs to send and receive emails.
  • The third-party dependency on Outlook means that if Outlook changes its UI, you may need to refactor your tests.

What's the easiest way to test user experiences that involve sending or receiving emails?

walrus.ai enables developers to test flows that involve emails without any of the pain:

  • walrus.ai controls many email accounts on its end, so you don't need to manage multiple sets of credentials.
  • No integrating with complex Outlook APIs, walrus.ai handles that for you.
  • Writing the test takes minutes, because it's just plain English.
A one-size-fits-most end-to-end test for email with Outlook using walrus.ai
2name: 'Accept Invite Email'
3url: 'https://your-site.com'
5 - 'Login as an admin'
6 - 'As the admin, go to Team'
7 - 'As the admin, add a user and invite the user'
8 - 'As the invited user, verify an email invitation is received'
9 - 'As the invited user, register using the link in the email invitation'
10 - 'Verify the invited user is in the same organization as the admin'

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