End-to-end testing two-factor authentication with Authenticator

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Two-factor authentication (2FA) refers to using a second measure beyond user name and password for verifying the identify of a user attempting to login. The most common methods of 2FA are email verification, text/SMS-based verification, or using an authentication application, otherwise known as an authenticator.

2FA with Authenticator is an essential part of building a secure application, but for a variety of reasons, it's also hard to test end-to-end:

  • Testing 2FA with Authenticator requires taking steps in multiple browser windows, or sometimes cross-device
  • If using tools like Selenium or Cypress, testing with Authenticator might require using complicated APIs

What's the easiest way to test 2FA with Authenticator?

walrus.ai enables engineers to test 2FA using Authenticator without any of the pain:

  • No need to handle the setup account details or credentials for Authenticator — walrus.ai handles that on their end
  • No integrating with complex Authenticator APIs
  • Writing the test takes minutes, because it's just plain English
A one-size-fits-most end-to-end test for 2FA with Authenticator using walrus.ai
2name: 'Authenticator 2FA'
3url: 'https://your-site.com'
5 - 'Login'
6 - 'Verify a code is received via Authenticator'
7 - 'Enter the code and submit'
8 - 'Verify login is successful'

What does the result look like?

GIF of walrus.ai 2FA test result

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