Better and faster results than Rainforest QA is a Rainforest QA alternative that provides better results in a fraction of the time

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UI testing
API testing
Resilient to changes
Results in 10 minutes
Covers complex use cases

How does work?

We let humans do what they do best, and machines do what they do best

1 Write a test in plain English

Send us your test with the CLI. Learn More

User story test snippet
Human reviewing tests

2 We execute the test and build an automated model

We translate your instructions into an automated test model.

3 Receive results in minutes

Results are available in our dashboard, through the CLI, or via one of our integrations. Learn More

Results with video
Robot running tests

4 Our automated model runs the test until your app changes

We monitor every model run to look for application changes or false failures.

5 We rebuild the model and send you the correct result

Re-verification of your test ensures you never receive false positives or false negatives.

Walrus fixing an automated test

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