Ditch the mabl recorder

walrus.ai is a mabl alternative that requires no recording or maintenance — just plain English

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UI testing
API testing
Comprehensive results
Manual Javascript support
Recording-free implementation
100% maintenance free

How does walrus.ai work?

We let humans do what they do best, and machines do what they do best

1 Write a test in plain English

Send us your test with the walrus.ai CLI. Learn More

User story test snippet
Human reviewing tests

2 We execute the test and build an automated model

We translate your instructions into an automated test model.

3 Receive results in minutes

Results are available in our dashboard, through the CLI, or via one of our integrations. Learn More

Results with video
Robot running tests

4 Our automated model runs the test until your app changes

We monitor every model run to look for application changes or false failures.

5 We rebuild the model and send you the correct result

Re-verification of your test ensures you never receive false positives or false negatives.

Walrus fixing an automated test

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