Add automated end-to-end tests in minutes

Catch bugs before your users do without maintaining fragile tests

You write a simple user story

We run the test and train a model

How does work?

We let humans do what they do best, and machines do what they do best

1 Write a test in plain English

Send us your test from our dashboard or with the CLI. Learn More

User story test snippet
Human reviewing tests

2 We execute the test and build an automated model

We translate your instructions into an automated test model.

3 Receive results in minutes

Results are available in our dashboard, through the CLI, or via one of our integrations. Learn More

Results with video
Robot running tests

4 Our automated model runs the test until your app changes

We monitor every model run to look for application changes or false failures.

5 We rebuild the model and send you the correct result

Re-verification of your test ensures you never receive false positives or false negatives.

Walrus fixing an automated test

Test your whole app with less code

Test your most complicated user flows with plain English — we’ll handle the rest

And many, many more!

New User Invite Flow
2name: 'Invite a new user'
3url: ''
5 - 'Login as an admin'
6 - 'As the admin, go to Team'
7 - 'As the admin, add a user and invite'
8 - 'As the invited user, verify an email invite is sent'
9 - 'As the invited user, sign up using the link in the email invite'
10 - 'As the invited user, verify you are in the same organization as the admin'

Less effort, better results

Reliable tests at a fraction of the cost and effort of manual QA or in-house automated testing logoManual QAAutomated Testing
Write tests in minutes
Never need to update your tests
Receive results in parallel in minutes
Never receive false positives or flakes
Easily test 3rd party integrations, email flows, API calls and more
Plugs directly into your CI/CD pipelines

Plans that grow with you


  • UI and functional testing
  • Email testing
  • Third-party integration testing
  • Test analytics
  • Test scheduling


Everything from growth plus:

  • Unlimited tests
  • Custom integrations
  • Performance monitoring
  • 24/7 support