End-to-end tests in 1 line of code

Catch errors before your users do without maintaining fragile tests

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Dead simple by design

  • Serverless

    No need to set up or maintain any test runners, just leave it all to walrus.ai. Keep your infrastructure lean without losing any confidence.

  • Minimal code

    A walrus.ai test can be invoked with a simple HTTP request. No more context-specific spaghetti code to write and keep updated.

  • Resilient to changes

    Making small changes to things like styling and copy shouldn’t break your tests. Iterate worry-free.

Results you can trust

Flow chart of testing and verification process when using walrus.ai
  • Results in 5 minutes

    Fast enough to be integrated directly with your pipeline.

  • Human-verified

    No more false negatives.

  • High-fidelity results

    Videos and screenshots with every response.

Visibility across all of your tests

An example Slack alert of a walrus.ai test completion

Alerting integrated with your tools.

An example walrus.ai dashboard of test results

Interactive dashboard with all of your test results.

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